Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bendover Madness In Nairobi

The Easter weekend came with a bang for most of us, and there were offers of entertainment scenes to entice us to spend our hard earned cash.

Most of the advertised events were wholesome entertainment, but the one gig that caught the eye was the Swaggerific Concert.


The Jamaican duo RDX was in Nairobi for what was dubbed yet again as the biggest riddim/dancehall concert of the year. The ragga and dancehall loving crowds swarmed the grounds coughing out up to 3,000/- for tickets. The rain and cold did not deter them and fun was had.

But what shocked most was the blatant display of sexual – nay, porn – on stage.

Picture this: RDX belting out the ‘Bendover’ tune, and just like in the video, demonstrating just how to bend over. Then taking it ten notches higher.

Astonishingly, the Kenyan women who volunteered to be ‘bent over’ seemed nonplussed at the demonstration of bending over, displaying their skills and prowess at dirty dancing. At least for me, it was shocking to see how the RDX crew played out the scene, taking a woman and if it were not for the clothes on their bodies, they would have had full-on sex right there on stage. One of the women seemed dazed after one of the guys landed on her as she lay on her uncovered ass bare for all to see.

Are we losing our values? Yes, we know what exactly ‘bend over’ is. Yet we allowed them to display this sexuality and almost pornographic acts in full view of a young (and probably some under 18s) crowd.

Or are we being hypocritical and blowing off steam at the wrong people? We know exactly what we were in for. All the crowd wanted was a bigger and better display of Uptown Thursday, where Nairobi’s party people have faithfully attended ‘church’ every weekly evening to shake what their mama’s gave them, while the guys thrust their pelvises at the welcoming bottoms presented to them.

Anyiko Owoko captured these scenes on video. You be the judge.

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